3M NanAucat™ Gold Catalyst Distribution Agreement

Premier Chemicals are pleased to announce they will be attending Gold 2009 in Heidelberg, Germany. Here Premier Chemicals will be sharing with the commercial and academic community their commercial tie up with the 3M corporation which will see Premier Chemicals exclusively distribute 3M’s gold catalyst under the brand name NanAucat™.

3M are an Industry leader in filtration technology and have a history of developing world class products to help protect workers from hazardous contaminates and gaseous vapours in the work environment. Premier Chemicals are well placed to deliver this product to market and build their portfolio of cutting edge technologies for the purification of breathable and industrial gases.

To read more please download the Premier Chemicals’ NanAucat™ Gold Oxidation Catalyst Brochure.

The 5th international conference on gold science, technology and its applications University of Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany, Sunday 26 – Wednesday 29 July 2009

The field of gold science and technology continues to undergo an exciting period of discovery. World Gold Council and the University of Heidelberg are pleased, therefore, to announce their co-organisation of the 5th international conference on gold science, technology and its applications at the University of Heidelberg, Germany between Sunday 26 – Wednesday 29 July 2009.

This conference follows the successful and stimulating conferences held in Cape Town (2001), Vancouver (2003) and Limerick (2006) and the earlier meeting on ´Progress in the Science and Technology of Gold´ which took place in Hanau, Germany in 1996. Many scientists and technologists in academia and industry have praised the excellence of these forums, where they can come together to learn of and discuss the latest advances, with the overall objective of encouraging important new industrial applications for gold.

About Premier Chemicals

Based in the UK, Premier Chemicals Ltd are a customer focused, market led business, with core business areas Gas Purification and Calcium Chloride supply. We specialise in the supply of media for the treatment and purification of industrial and breathable gas. Through our wide range of global partners we constantly build our product knowledge to remain an innovative partner to our clients around the world. Through this customer focused flexible approach we have built an enviable reputation as a solution provider in this field.