Intersorb® 812 Approved By rEvo Rebreathers

Premier Chemical subsidiary DIVELIME, the UK based distributor of dive grade soda lime Intersorb® 812 and rEvo Rebreathers, the Belgium based manufacturer of the rEvo II and rEvo III closed circuit rebreathers (CCR) have announced that Intersorb® 812 has been approved for use in all versions of rEvo’s rebreather products.

Intersorb® 812 is an 8 –12 mesh (1.0–2.5mm) dive grade soda lime manufactured in the UK by Intersurgical, and distributed by Premier Chemicals Ltd via their subsidiary DIVELIME.

rEvo Rebreathers have recently evaluated Intersorb® 812 in tests according to the EN14143 standard. Based on the results of these tests, rEvo are approving Intersorb® 812 for use in their rebreathers, with the following recommendations:

• Water temperature 4°C to 15°C – Recommended* maximum dive time 2hrs 30mins or one cycle every 1hr 45mins
• Water temperature 15°C (or above) – Recommended* maximum dive time 4hrs 30mins or one cycle every 3 hours

The 2.50kg total fill weight (1.25kg per scrubber canister) for Intersorb® 812 combined with its competitive price makes Intersorb® 812 a very cost-effective solution for rEvo users. Intersorb® 812 is available in 2 pack sizes – 5 litre (4.5kg) Jerricans, and 20kg kegs.

Please follow this link for full technical information for Intersorb soda lime.

Intersorb® 812 is available for purchase from Premier Chemicals and rEvo Rebreathers.

rEvo Rebreathers have been manufacturing and selling rebreathers since 2007 and now have more than 400 in use globally. The rEvo III carries the CE mark.