Rebreather Diving Chemicals For Technical Diving and Subsea Industries

Diving with a rebreather differs from regular scuba diving in that the gas which is exhaled by the diver is recycled in a closed loop system. Standard scuba diving is referred to as open circuit (OC) diving as the diver exhales directly into the surrounding water creating many bubbles. The use of a rebreather in this closed loop system allows deeper and longer dives using less gas.

Semi-closed rebreathers (SCR) partially recycle the gas whereas the gas is completely recycled when using a closed-circuit rebreather (CCR). This means that rebreather diving is more efficient as the diving gases are used more effectively compared with scuba, and there is a smaller flow of bubbles into the surrounding water (in the case of SCR) or no bubbles at all (in the case of CCR).

In order for the exhaled gas to be recycled within a rebreather, the Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) produced needs to be removed to prevent the CO₂ level from building up to dangerous levels within the circuit. Soda lime granules are the most common method for removing this CO₂.

Premier Chemicals is the exclusive worldwide distributor for non-medical applications of Intersurgical’s Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) absorbent products including the Intersorb® 812 and Spherasorb® 408.Intersurgical are the UK based manufacture of Soda Lime products for medical markets and have developed their diving grade Intersorb® and Spherasorb® products specifically for Rebreather Diving.

Premier Chemicals has a dedicated website, DIVELIME, for the distribution of diving grade products directly to end-users in the UK, and to sub-distributors throughout the rest of the world. For further information and details on how to order diving grade soda lime products visit or contact us directly on 01480 878 134

Intersorb® and Spherasorb® diving soda limes are tested to ensure they meet the requirements of the NATO standard STANAG 1411. Furthermore, the packaging in which they are contained ensures they maintain compliance with this standard while sealed and unopened for five years from the date of manufacture. However, once the packaging of Intersorb® and Spherasorb® diving soda lime is opened; it is the responsibility for the user/dealer/owner to ensure that the product is used in the appropriate diving equipment and in the appropriate way, according to the instructions for use provided. The manufacturer of Intersorb® and Spherasorb® diving soda limes cannot and will not take responsibility for incorrect use or storage of a product that has exceeded the expiry date stated on the product.

Premier Chemicals operate a specialist support website for divers as well as offer advice and products specific to other industry requirements.

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