Spherasorb® Soda Lime Absorbent for Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) Removal in Breathable and Industrial Gas

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Spherasorb® 408 (4–8 mesh particle size) is a formed spherical shaped soda lime absorbent. The unique spherical shape and formulation give added advantages over standard products. The combination of the spherical shape and particle size distribution lead to superior packing within the scrubber unit, low dust levels and relatively low breathing resistance.

Spherasorb® is available in non-indicating (NI) and indicating (WV) types, WV meaning a white to violet colour change occurs when the carbon dioxide is absorbed.

Spherasorb® 408 properties:
• Particle size – 4–8 mesh (2.5mm to 5.0mm)
• Uniform shape and particle size leads to breathing resistance and uniform packing
• Exceptionally low dust levels compared with conventional soda lime products
• STANAG 1411 – Meets Grade B specifications for the NATO standard

Datasheet Downloads

Spherasorb 408 Dive Grade
Spherasorb 408 Industrial Grade
MSDS – Spherasorb 408 NI (Non-indicating) Diving Grade
MSDS – Spherasorb 408 WV (Indicating) Diving Grade
MSDS – Spherasorb 408 NI (Non-indicating) Industrial Grade
MSDS – Spherasorb 408 WV (Indicating) Industrial Grade