Carbon Monoxide (CO) Catalyst for Removal of Carbon Monoxide from Breathable and Industrial Gases

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas and when exposed to it, even at low levels (50-100ppm), can cause flu-like symptoms, headache, and vertigo. At higher levels, the central nervous system and heart can be severely affected as seen in CO poisoning.

Exposure to this Carbon Monoxide gas can occur in many situations but in industrial applications it is particularly associated with confined spaces. These can become contaminated due to incomplete combustion of products from the exhaust of an engine, generator or boiler system. For example, compressed air lines can also become contaminated if the inlet to the compressor is close to the exhaust of a boiler, generator, or other source of combustion.

In many of these situations the risk of exposure can be minimised, or altogether removed, by the use of a carbon monoxide (CO) catalyst which will convert the harmful CO into safer Carbon Dioxide (CO₂). Premier Chemicals supplies a range of oxidation catalysts for this process including:-
NanAuCat™ Gold based oxidation catalyst

Hopcalite type oxidation catalyst

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