Navy and Military Rebreather Diving Chemicals

Submarine Atmosphere Control

The atmosphere within a submarine is subject to degradation due to the continual generation on board of various noxious gases which, if not controlled could build up to dangerous levels. Typical contaminants produced on board a submarine include; carbon dioxide from personnel and operating machinery, carbon monoxide from smoking and machinery, hydrogen from battery charging and industrial gases from refrigerant systems and hydrocarbons, fumes and VOC’s.

Personnel on board produce significant amounts of carbon dioxide due to respiration. Carbon dioxide needs to be continually removed from the submarine atmosphere to maintain a desired CO₂ level.

Navy and Military Rebreather Diving

RDiving rebreathers allow navy and military divers to operate quietly underwater without detection for several hours. Rebreather diving systems, also used within industrial applications, re-circulate the high CO₂ containing exhaled gases from the diver through an absorber unit which contains military grade soda lime. The soda lime reacts with the carbon dioxide, converting it to calcium carbonate which is retained within the absorber unit. Navy and military divers throughout the world rely on these types of products to be able to conduct military diving operations.

The main advantage of this system is that the diving gases don’t need to be exhaled into the surrounding water, as is the case with traditional scuba diving equipment. The re-circulated gas within the rebreather retains much of the oxygen which would traditionally be expelled into the water, thereby allowing the navy or military diver to operate for longer durations underwater as they are able to carry lower amounts of compressed gas.

NATO Standard – STANAG 1411

The NATO standard STANAG 1411 provides users with a standard specification for soda lime chemicals used in diving rebreather systems.


Intersorb® and Spherasorb® are soda lime products used for the removal of CO₂. Soda lime is a chemical absorbent containing calcium hydroxide (Ca (OH)₂) and water. The calcium hydroxide reacts with carbon dioxide to form calcium carbonate which is retained within the absorbent bed.
Perfect for Navy and Military use, Premier Chemicals supplies soda lime products which meet both Grade A and Grade B STANAG 1411 NATO standards.