NanAucat™ Gold Catalyst for Eliminating CO from Gas Streams

Premier Chemicals’ NanAucat gold catalyst is a nano-particulate catalyst manufactured by 3M, which has been developed for the removal of carbon monoxide (CO) from gas streams by converting carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide (CO₂). NanAuCat is available in granular form with a particle mesh size of 12 to 20 (0.84mm to 1.68mm) and an active component coated onto a porous amorphous carbon granular support.

Until recently, gold was thought to have few useful chemical properties due to its inert nature. However, in the late 1990’s scientists discovered that when clusters of gold were formed into particles of 1-10 nm size range it exhibited extremely high catalytic activity.

The latest research into catalytic properties and potential commercial applications of nano-particulate gold has identified the main commercial use as conversion of carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide, especially at ambient temperature.

Compared with other metal based catalysts available, NanAucat demonstrates significantly higher catalytic activity making it more cost-effective than traditional platinum and palladium based catalysts. The gold based catalysts are less susceptible to deactivation by moisture unlike traditional Hopcalite, Pt or Pt/Pd oxidation catalysts. Thus meaning NanAucat is suited to processes where high levels of humidity are contained making it the catalyst of choice for CO removal in humid applications such as treatment of breathable air.

In addition, this oxidation catalyst can be used in many scenario’s which currently use more expensive Pt oxidation catalysts as well as applications which were previously thought too difficult due to high humidity levels.

Premier Chemicals offer a wide variety of quantities to purchase for these products, as low as 250g for evaluation purposes. For commercial applications packaging is typically in 1kg units; Premier Chemicals are one of the few companies globally who are able to offer gold catalysts in commercial quantities.

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