Calcium Chloride: Versatile Deliquescent Desiccant Properties

Calcium chloride (CaCl2) is widely considered to be one of the most versatile and widely used chemicals due to its unique physical and chemical deliquescent and hygroscopic properties which lend it to perform well in many industrial applications.
Common applications of this chemical agent include brine for refrigeration plants, dust control on roads, an effective de-icing agent on walkways and roads. In construction Calcium Chloride is mixed with concrete to accelerate concrete setting times, especially at lower temperatures. Because of calcium chloride’s *deliquescent and hygroscopic properties it is used as a desiccant to dry hydrocarbons and industrial gases, especially in remote areas as the desiccant beds require no external power and are intrinsically safe. It is also often used to absorb free water from air and gas streams. In the food industry and animal industry it is used as a salt substitute as a source of calcium.

*Deliquescent means to become liquid or have the tendency to become liquid making it an ideal chemical desiccant for the dehydration of hydrocarbons.

Typical applications that we currently supply for include:

    • Dehydration agent for removal of water in enclosed spaces
    • Ice melting on winter roads and pathways
    • Additive for Food
    • Base stabilization for road construction (Dust Control)
    • Freeze-proofing sand for de-icing in winter road application
    • Effluent purification aid, flocculent, removal of phosphates and fluorides
    • Grouting agent for mines and oil wells
    • Environmental additive for cement kilns
    • Accelerator in cement curing
    • Nitrogen inhibitor for plant fertilizers
    • Salt substitute in animal feed (as a supplement or for calcium deficiency)
    • Organic calcium fertilizer
    • Drilling muds
    • Refrigeration fluid
    • Liquid odour control
    • Soil pH adjuster

And many more!

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