Emissions Reduction Technologies

Premier Chemicals Emissions Technologies are setting new standards within the industry enabling us to help contribute to lowering fuel consumption whilst bringing down emissions of harmful greenhouse gases such as Nox, Sox, Co2 and CO.

We have two key emissions products

Premier Urea

Premier Chemicals high quality urea products meet the most stringent quality benchmarks in the industry.  It is widely used Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems to reduce nitrous oxide emissions.  Premier Chemicals is a leading supplier around the globe and trusted by multinational clients to meet the needs of their fleets.  We supply AUS32 32.5% Urea and Marine AUS40 40% Urea to reduce Nox Emissions.  Our technical team is always on hand to discuss your needs.

Premier Sodium Hydroxide

Premier Chemicals high quality Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Soda) if produced via the membrane elctrolysis process.  This gives the highest quality product.  Premeir Chemicals partner with some of the largest producers in the world, the product is made at world scale chemicals plants with the highest HSE and environmental standards.   Sodium Hydroxide is used in Hybrid and Clsoed loop scrubbers to reduce Sox emissions form marine diesel engines.  Our notwork of partners and strategic storage points gives us wide access to product ot service our cleints across the world.  Keeping thier fleets compliant.