Anhydrous Calcium Chloride for Drying Industrial Gases & Hydrocarbons

Calcium chloride can be supplied as either a liquid solution or solid form, whereby the solid forms are odourless, white to off-white pellets, mini-pellets or flakes.

Anhydrous calcium chloride is an inorganic salt that easily forms hydrates which promotes its use for removing water from any organic solution. Anhydrous means there is little or no water present in the substance. Thus, it works very well as a deliquescing desiccant and is used extensively to dry industrial gases and hydrocarbons.

During the process, the chemical binds to the free water and forms salt brines (hydrates) which can be removed and disposed of, leaving the gas stream almost free from water. Due to its exothermic properties, it lends itself to many industrial applications.

Other uses of Anhydrous Calcium Chloride include:-

  • De-icing agents for pavements, carparks and road treatment.
  • Accelerators in concrete – to increase curing speed
  • Industrial processing – as an additive in plastics, for salt production and drainage aids for waste water treatment
  • As a food additive and firming agent replacing sodium compounds in foods.

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