Calcium Chloride Products Bulk Suppliers

Calcium Chloride BriquettesPremier Chemicals specialises in the bulk supply of calcium chloride, a versatile salt, to many different industries with a variety of applications including petrochemical, water treatment, de-icing, gas drying and food.

We are a REACH ready company meaning you can trust us to supply you with high quality chemicals, compounds and substances which meet EU legislation.


Much of its versatility comes from its deliquescent properties, meaning it actively absorbs water until it becomes liquid. At ambient temperatures, anhydrous forms of this chemical absorb its own weight in water forming hydrates, ranging from dihydrate to hexahydrate. This process makes the compound ideal for use as a desiccant e.g. in gas drying applications.


The solubilisation of this substance in water is exothermic. This combined with its hygroscopic properties means it can be widely used as a de-icing salt providing many advantages over standard salt products in this application.

Food, medical and water treatment

Calcium chloride is a readily available source of calcium ions in applications such as food additives, medical treatments, and water treatment.

Dust Control

Other applications include dust control on roads, completion fluids for the oil and gas industry, and as an additive in concrete to aid rapid hardening.

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