Calcium Chloride Gas Drying Agent: Desiccant for Absorbing Water in Gas Streams

Peladow DG, a calcium chloride gas drying agent, is widely used as a desiccant for drying gases and liquid hydrocarbons within many industries due to its high affinity and capacity for absorbing water.

The Process

A typical desiccant drying application involves a bed of anhydrous calcium chloride tablets, contained in a vertical vessel, through which the hydrocarbon is pumped. As the gas moves upwards through the bed of calcium chloride the tablet gradually dissolves, or deliquesces, until the desiccant tablet is fully consumed. This forms brine at the bottom of the dryer vessel which can be removed for disposal.

Once consumed and the bed volume reduces to a pre-determined level (typically when 20% of the original bed volume remains), the drying agent can be inspected by opening the dryer and topping up with fresh calcium chloride. Both natural (propane or propylene) and industrial (nitrogen, oxygen, or hydrogen) gases can be dried effectively with the use of this agent.

Premier Chemicals supplies Peladow DG* anhydrous calcium chloride sspecifically for these types of applications and is available in FIBC’s, 25kg bags and 200kg drums.

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