Gas Purification Chemicals for Removal of Low Level Gas Impurities

Premier Chemicals specialises in providing high quality chemicals for the purification of gases for many industries. With in-house technical expertise in many industrial applications, Premier Chemicals can recommend the most suitable products for most applications.
Here are the products available for the purification of breathable and industrial gases. Please be aware that this list is non-exhaustive.

Soda Lime

Intersorb® and Spherasorb® soda lime products are available for removing carbon dioxide (CO₂) and acid gases from breathable and industrial gases in many applications. Visit the Soda Lime page for further details.

Oxidation Catalysts

Precious metal and Hopcalite based catalysts are available, depending on the application, for purification of gas contaminants such as carbon monoxide (CO), Ozone (O₃), VOC’s etc. Visit the Oxidation Catalysts page for further details.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbons offer favourable adsorption properties for eradicating volatile organic compounds and other general contaminants at moderate concentrations. Various grades and particle sizes are available for the general purification of many different gas contaminants.

Purafil® Media

Various media grades are available for removing gas contaminants such as Sulphur gases, NOx, Ammonia and VOC’s.

Molecular Sieve

Crystalline metal alumina-silicates have three dimensional interconnecting networks of silica and alumina tetrahedra. When natural hydration water is removed from this network through heating, it produces uniform cavities which selectively adsorb molecules of specific sizes.
Molecular sieves, used in numerous purification applications, are generally classified according to the adsorption cavity sizes – for example 3A, 4A and 5A molecular sieves have cavity sizes of 3, 4 and 5 Angstroms. The grade of molecular sieve is chosen dependent on the contaminant(s) being removed.

Calcium Chloride

Various Calcium Chloride grades are available for dehydrating industrial gases. For additional information please visit the Calcium Chloride product page

Marine Urea (AUS 40)

Premier Chemicals Marine Urea (AUS 40) solution is used to reduce NOx concentration in the exhaust emissions of marine diesel engines and power plants, reducing emissions and complying with IMO Tier III regulations for Marine vessels.

Please contact us about your specific purification needs.