Intersorb® Soda Lime Absorbent for CO₂ Removal in Breathable & Industrial Gas

Intersorb Soda Lime Particles Premier Chemicals is the UK based industrial supplier of soda lime products. Below are the two particle sizes available. These products can be used in many applications such as diving rebreathers, saturation diving chambers, mine rescue chambers, submarine atmosphere purification and acid gas removal in hydrocarbon streams.


(8-12 Mesh particle size) and Intersorb® 408 (4-8 Mesh particle size) are traditional soda lime CO₂ absorbents comprised of specifically sized granules.

Intersorb is available in non-indicating (NI) and indicating (WV) types, WV meaning a white to violet colour change occurs when the carbon dioxide is absorbed.

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Datasheet Downloads

Intersorb 812 Dive Grade
Intersorb 408 Dive Grade
Intersorb 812 Industrial Grade
Intersorb 408 Industrial Grade
MSDS – Intersorb NI (Non-indicating) Dive Grade
MSDS – Intersorb NI (Non-indicating) Industrial Grade
MSDS – Intersorb WV (Indicating) Industrial Grade