Soda Lime: High Quality CO₂ Absorbents

Premier Chemicals is the global distributor of Intersorb® and Spherasorb® soda lime products for the removal of Carbon Dioxide (CO₂), and other acid gases, in breathable and industrial gas applications.Intersorb® and Spherasorb® are manufactured in the UK by Intersurgical Ltd, a global supplier of medical consumables for respiratory care. Premier Chemicals Ltd are the exclusive global distributor of these products for all non-medical applications.

Intersorb® and Spherasorb® are absorbents which chemically convert gaseous carbon dioxide (CO₂) to solid calcium carbonate (CaCO3) which is retained within the absorbent, thereby removing carbon dioxide from the gas stream.

Soda lime

This chemical absorbent contains mainly calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) and water. The calcium hydroxide reacts with CO₂ to form calcium carbonate which is retained within the absorbent bed.

Soda lime is generally graded by the particle size of the individual granules. In general, for a given volume, a smaller particle size material will provide greater CO₂ absorption capacity than a larger particle size. However, the rate of flow of gas through the absorbent bed must also be taken into to account in the specific application due to potential problems with pressure drop (restricted gas flow).

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Intersorb Soda Lime ParticlesIntersorb® 812 (8-12 Mesh particle size) and Intersorb® 408 (4-8 Mesh particle size) are conventional soda lime carbon dioxide absorbents comprised of short porous strands.




Spherasorb Soda Lime ParticlesSpherasorb® 408 is a conventional Soda Lime carbon dioxide (CO₂) absorbent of spherical shape. The combination of the spherical shape and particle size leads to good packing within the absorber/scrubber unit, very low dust levels and relatively low breathing resistance.
All products are available in non-indicating (NI) and indicating (WV)* forms
*WV – white to violet colour change with CO₂ absorption





There are numerous applications which use soda lime for the removal of Carbon Dioxide. These include, but are not limited to:-

Diving – Rebreathers (CCR’s), saturation dive systems for commercial subsea applications.
Mining – Closed circuit breathing apparatus, mine refuge chambers
Military – Rebreathers (CCR’s), submarine atmosphere purification,collective protection
Industrial – Compressed air purification, petrochemical (acid gas removal),CO₂ abatement