Oxidation Catalysts for Removal of Carbon Monoxide Using Catalysts

Premier Chemicals supplies a number of oxidation catalysts for the removal of Carbon Monoxide (CO) in various applications, typically from breathable and industrial gases.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a serious risk for many industries; hence the elimination of CO is very important. Exposure to Carbon Monoxide can occur in many situations; in industrial applications it can be associated with contamination of breathable compressed air lines, inhalation of smoke after a fire or incomplete combustion of fuel from engines, generators and boiler systems.

A number of oxidation catalyst products are available depending on the application and conditions of use. All of our oxidation catalysts operate in a similar way, by catalysing the reaction of carbon monoxide (CO) with available oxygen (O2) to convert the carbon monoxide to the much less harmful carbon dioxide (CO₂). The treated gas must therefore contain a level of oxygen in order for the process to be effective.

The temperature of operation, carbon monoxide level, humidity and presence of other contaminants within the gas stream will all have an effect on the performance; therefore the most appropriate type of oxidation catalyst will depend on the application.

Premier Chemicals supplies the following oxidation catalysts suitable for the conversion of carbon monoxide (CO) to carbon dioxide (CO₂):

NanAuCat™ Gold based oxidation catalyst

Hopcalite type catalyst