Calcium Chloride Dihydrate: Odourless Colourless Crystals or Crystalline Powder

Premier Chemicals offer Calcium Chloride Dihydrate manufactured to the highest quality standards to maintain high levels of consistency and purity. We are one of the few companies in Europe to offer this product in bulk quantities and in USP, BP and technical grades. We are a REACH ready supplier meaning we offer you industry specific chemicals, compounds and substances which meet the EU legislations.

The grades and packages available include; 77% – 97% – assay ¦ 25kg PP bags ¦ 965kg FIB

Calcium Chloride Dihydrate is a white odourless crystalline flake or powder mainly used as a reagent and a key ingredient in industry products and processes. It is used in the following applications:

• Pharmaceuticals
• Dialysis and infusion solutions
• Concrete accelerator
• Food additive (E509)
• Drinks
• Drilling and completion fluids
• Salts for sea aquariums

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