Calcium Chloride Flake: Food Substitutes, Electrolytes & Preserves

At Premier Chemicals we offer chemicals, compounds and substances of the highest standard to ensure and maintain great levels of consistency and purity. To guarantee quality and traceability, each shipment contains a Certificate of Analysis.

Chemicals such as Calcium chloride can be found in food as substitutes, electrolytes and preserves. We can provide the best quality calcium chloride flake and liquid, for the food industry, meeting the requirements of:-

• Food Chemicals Codex (FCC), 7th edition, 2011
• EC 2008/84
• DIN 19626
• JECFA 2004

Our calcium chloride is Kosher certified and can be used for a variety of applications due to it being an essential component of plant structures , and a necessity for animal and human nutrition.

These industries and applications include, but are not limited to;

• A salt substitute in the production and tenderisation of meat
• An electrolyte and source of calcium for the beverage, soft drink and brewing industries
• An additive to preserve the quality and stability of consumable products
• In enzyme production, the chemical ions acts as a co-factor
• A source of calcium in the production of cheese
• A firming agent in canned fruits and pickled vegetables



1000 litre IBC

25 kg bags

1000 kg FIBC

 77% Flake




36% Liquid


For more information follow this link to download the Premier Chemicals’ Food Grade Calcium Chloride Brochure or contact us today to discuss your requirements.