Diving Gas Conditioning Chemicals For Saturation Diving Applications

Subsea contractors which serve oil and gas industries require a number of diving gas conditioning chemicals on board Dive Support Vessels (DSV’s) during saturation diving activities. Premier Chemicals is well trusted when it comes to supplying industrial chemicals, substances and compounds due to their industry experience and REACH ready status.

Premier Chemicals can supply the necessary soda lime products for Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) removal within saturation diving chambers, including Intersorb*and Spherasorb. Other gas conditioning products supplied include; NanAuCat™ oxidation catalysts used for safe Carbon Monoxide (CO) removal, Molecular Sieve for water (H2O) removal, Activated Carbon for volatile organic compound (VOC) removal and, Potassium Permanganate Impregnated Media for Sulphur and other odorous compounds removal.

Soda Lime

These products can be used in saturation diving activities to eliminate carbon dioxide (CO₂):-

Saturation dive chambers are the living quarters for the deep sea divers when on board a Dive Support Vessel (DSV). Divers can spend many weeks in the saturation chamber. During this time, potentially harmful gases including carbon dioxide (which is exhaled by the divers) must be removed to prevent a build-up of CO₂ and other gas contaminants.

NanAuCat™ Oxidation Catalyst

Premier Chemicals supplies NanAuCat Gold based oxidation catalyst for removal of harmful carbon monoxide from breathable gases.

In a subsea hyperbaric welding habitat where large pipes need to be connected through welding, there can be a build up of small amounts of carbon monoxide in the welding habitat. The gases from the weld are drawn through a filtration system which contains a number of chemicals which remove various contaminants and prevent a build-up within the hyperbaric welding habitat.

An oxidation catalyst such as NanAuCat™ is widely used to remove carbon monoxide (CO) within subsea applications.

Other Gas Conditioning Chemicals

Premier Chemicals supplies activated carbon, molecular sieve, and potassium permanganate impregnated media for eliminating other contaminants within the saturation chamber gas conditioning systems.

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