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NanAuCat™ Oxidation Catalyst Enables Accurate Monitoring of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Premier Chemicals’ Gold based oxidation catalyst, NanAuCat™, is being used in analytical instruments which are able to accurately monitor Dinitrogen Monoxide (N2O) emissions. Dinitrogen Monoxide, more commonly known as Nitrous Oxide is a greenhouse gas with global warming potential of 296 times that of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Whilst currently only CO2 is subject to wide-scale

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NASCAR Uses NanAuCat™ To Improve Driver Safety

The NASCAR governing body and NASCAR teams are always committed to improving safety for the drivers. It is to this end that Premier Chemicals Limited in the UK began work with several teams and the people at NASCAR R&D in North Carolina to bring better performance to driver air purification systems in the car. Carbon

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3M NanAucat™ Gold Catalyst Distribution Agreement

Premier Chemicals are pleased to announce they will be attending Gold 2009 in Heidelberg, Germany. Here Premier Chemicals will be sharing with the commercial and academic community their commercial tie up with the 3M corporation which will see Premier Chemicals exclusively distribute 3M’s gold catalyst under the brand name NanAucat™. 3M are an Industry leader

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