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Marine Emissions and Solutions

In a world of rising calls for more stringent emissions control within the marine industry, cleaner burning engines and expensive after treatment technologies, what does Premier Chemicals Nano Fuel Catalyst division have to be bullish about? So far this year, the division has introduced the catalyst to Tfl Operators in London, expanded production in the

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IMO Low Sulphur Fuels Update and alternatives

Consider This Alternative With reports suggesting that IMO is set to agree on the timetable for a 0.5 per cent global limit on the sulphur content of bunkers in 2020, the time may be coming for shipowners to assess their options. Consider Petrolast from Premier Chemicals https://www.premchemltd.com/products/petrolast-fuel-catalyst/ Early completion of a fuel availability survey well ahead

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IMO Tier III Regulations

These regulations set the stage for considerable further reductions of the permissible NOx emissions – with the first step (Tier II) already in force since January 2011. Tier III will become applicable after 2021, but only inside specifically designated emission control areas (ECAs), whereas, outside of these ECAs, the Tier II regulation will continue to

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