Fuel Catalyst to increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption

Petrolast is an innovative Nano Catalyst for fuels to increase efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

Premier Chemicals Limited are the exclusive supplier in Europe for the Marine industry.

Petrolast works on the age old problem of incomplete combustion.  The patented Nano Technology facilitates a more complete combustion at lower temperatures, increasing the amount of fuel burned inside the combustion chamber prior to the exhaust values opening, burning more fuel in the combustion chamber and not in the exhaust system, which uses less fuel and reduces harmful emissions

Fuel Saving of 15% – 25% can be expected

Reduction in harmful emissions

Nox by 85% – meeting current IMO Tier Nox requirements without the need for post engine exhaust scrubbing.

Sox by 65% – Meeting ECA requirements for low sulphur emissions without the need for low sulphur fuel.

Co2 by 30% – Meaning engines using Petrolast will meet any upcoming requirements for Co2 reduction well into the future.

Reduced particulate matter and and engine wear are added benefits to an impressive package of benefits.

The Catalyst has been tested by independent laboratories and has received the following accreditations.

EN590 & ASTM D975

Premium or #2 Diesel with catalyst at a ratio of 1 part to 640 parts fuel is EN590 and ASTM D975 accredited.  These are the regulatory requirements for diesel sold in the EU and the USA.

ISO 8217

IFO/RMG 380 treated with catalyst at a ratio of 1 part catalyst to 640 parts fuel is ISO8217 accredited, conforming with MARPOL Annex VI, the EU sulphur directive and Sulphur Emission Control Areas (ECA).

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